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  • HAWC ready to help Robins reach goals, resolutions

    Robins' military and civilian airmen don't have to conquer New Year's resolutions alone.The Health and Wellness Center's classes and programs can help."We often start the New Year with resolutions to achieve balance in our lives by paying more attention to areas we may have neglected in the last few busy months and years," Stuart Bapties, HAWC
  • New HAWC dietitian nutritionist plans to help people live healthier

    Marita Radloff, the Health and Wellness Center's new registered dietitian nutritionist, realizes she has some big shoes to fill, but she's ready to meet the challenge.Radloff, who took the job in early December after previous HAWC dietitian nutritionist, Dani Lebovitz, moved on, said she has great plans for Robins Air Force Base."I plan to offer
  • Holiday tips from 78th Security Forces

    'Tis the season and what better time to remind everyone about keeping vigilant around your home and work place to protect those you love. The holidays can be a joyous but sometimes stressful period and as the year draws to an end here are some tips to ensure more joy than stress. Online shopping is a booming business, and with additional deliveries
  • Counselor Connection: Lessons learned from EEO

    The majority of the people on base understands the Equal Opportunity office processes complaints of sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination. However, some employees might not know the office also classifies, clarifies and reports Equal Opportunity and Treatment Incidents, known as EOTIs.An EOTI is an overt, adverse act, occurring on or off
  • ADAPT offers active-duty airmen way to recover from alcohol, drug addiction

    Some problems are more than one person can handle alone.When an active-duty airman's issue involves drugs or alcohol, Robins Air Force Base's Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program, located in Bldg. 700, is on hand to help.Tech. Sgt. La' Kisha Tucker, ADAPT program noncommissioned officer in charge here, said the program provides

    Christmas is the time of year for blessings past and future, which includes family gatherings for a festive time by all. We at the fire department would like to remind the base community that without fire prevention precautions, festive occasions could become tragedies.Christmas trees, which are often the center of holiday festivities, are also the
  • Stick to routines, reach out to help ease holiday stress

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year," so the Christmas song goes. For many people, however, the holidays are anything but wonderful.Busy schedules, demands from family and friends, and other factors can lead some people to wish life had a fast-forward button so they could skip stressful holiday months.Jamie Tillit, an Employee Assistance
  • Robins CDCs offer top-notch child care

    When choosing a childcare provider, parents need the peace of mind their child will be in the best possible care.They want to know the people providing that care will ensure their child's well-being and are committed to the child's growth and development. Well, the staffs at the Robins Child Development Centers here provide that peace of mind to
  • Diabetes education and support: What's your role?

    National Diabetes Month is observed every November to draw attention to diabetes and its effects on millions of Americans. This year the National Institute of Health's National Diabetes Education Program theme is "Diabetes Education and Support: Everyone Has a Role. What's Yours?" It highlights the need for ongoing education and support among
  • Step back to prehistoric times at the Ocmulgee National Monument

    For 17,000 years the Ocmulgee National Monument site has been the center of some incredible points in history.From the Ice Age to the current day, the land has seen its share of turbulent times.In the 1920s and '30s, individuals from Macon decided the area needed to be preserved from looting and development, said Jim David, park superintendent.The