Robins celebrates Biomedical Sciences Corps Appreciation Week

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Pierre Nelson
  • 461st Operations Support Squadron Aerospace & Operational Physiology
Next week, the 78th Medical Group is officially recognizing the crucial work of the Biomedical Sciences Corps with BSC Appreciation Week. 

Robins BSC members have distinguished themselves during the past year by being selected by Air Force Materiel Command as the Air Force Medical Service Biomedical Specialist Category I of the Year. They also garnered 44 quarterly and 15 annual squadron and group-level awards and two 78th Air Base Wing-level awards. 

The unit will use the week to celebrate and highlight the diverse medical career fields, clinicians and scientists within the medical treatment facility.  

The BSC's roots date back to 1917, when Congress established the Army Sanitary Corps to combat infectious diseases. The Army Medical Administrative Corps followed three years later. The National Security Act in 1947 created the Army Medical Service Corps and two years later, the Air Force had its own medical service.  Air Force Special Order CA-5 dated January 28, 1965 created the Biomedical Sciences Corps category.

Representing 11 of the 17 BSC career fields and comprising about 126 members to include officers, enlisted and civilians, BSCs are a diverse specialty corps. 

The specialties represented at Robins are: aerospace physiology; audiology; bioenvironmental engineering; clinical psychology; laboratory; optometry; pharmacy; Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant; Public Health; and Social Worker. 

They span three squadrons within the 78th Medical Group and across base to the 461st Operations Support Squadron. 

"Pretty much any medic that's not a nurse, physician, dentist or administrator is a BSC," said Col. Shari Silverman, 78th Medical Group commander and fellow BSC. "BSCs are a significant part of the Air Force Medical Service and the Robins mission. 

"Every day BSCs care for more than 47,000 beneficiaries in Middle Georgia, ensure the safety of our base food and water supplies, as well as support 275 worksites across the installation," she added. 

To celebrate the anniversary and recognize the contributions of these outstanding men and women, the BSC team will conduct multiple events during the week. 

They include: A breakfast; a morale-building luncheon at the bowling center; a volunteer opportunity at the base Thrift Store; mentoring sessions with retired Brig. Gen. James Carroll and Col. James Dienst, Air Force Reserve Command command surgeon; a 5K Fun Run; and a cake and ice cream social.