Nurse Advice Line

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The 78th Medical Group is committed to providing the safest and highest quality care to Team Robins. 

From February through June, the 78th MDG will experience a severe shortage of providers. That shortage may impact your care if you are currently assigned to a provider in the Family Health clinic. To mitigate staffing shortages, the group has implemented several short term actions.  

Starting Sunday, Family Health will implement two teams to cover the care of the current three medical teams. Your care will be covered primarily by one of these two teams during this timeframe.  

This will not impact most members who visit the clinic. However, non-active duty patients assigned to Family Health may occasionally be directed to Urgent Care for acute appointments.  

Additionally, the 78th MDG is temporarily closing new patient enrollments for retirees and their family members. The group anticipates reopening full enrollment in June. In the interim, the medical group is actively working to expedite hires to overcome staffing shortfalls.

These temporary measures are the best way to achieve our goal of continuing to provide safe and quality care. Please note, this does not impact Flight Medicine, Women's Health or Pediatrics.  

For more information, call 1800-874-2273 option 1.