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  • Team Robins maintenance pros continue PDM on Seymour Johnson F-15

    The F-15 flown into the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex by a fighter wing commander has reached the half-way point in its programmed depot maintenance regimen. As a gesture of thanks to the team that keeps his unit’s fighter planes flying, Col. Christopher Sage, commander of the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.,
  • Need a copy of a current or prior year tax statement?

    Need a copy of a current or prior year tax document? There are now several self-service options available to you.  These options are for reissues only.  If you require a corrected document, please contact your agency Customer Service Representative for assistance.Option 1:  myPay If you are a current civilian employee and your payroll account is
  • Base technicians keep a weather radar ready to track a storm

    The Air Force uses long range detection systems to track enemy forces, but what if the enemy is a severe storm? Well there is a high–tech radar that serves as an early warning system to tell everyone to take cover when a dangerous storm is coming. What looks like a golf ball for the Jolly Green giant is actually a National Weather Service Doppler
  • AFSOC general returns to thank Robins maintainers; provides gunship tour

     As promised by the Air Force Special Operations Command vice commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex C-130 sustainment workers were treated to a Feb. 9 tour inside an AC-130W gunship fully loaded with the latest modifications.  Maj. Gen. Eugene Haase, AFSOC vice commander, and his crew brought the AC-130W from Hurlburt Field, Fla., to the
  • Stormwater Straight Talk: Keep pesticides out of the water

    Pesticides are useful in controlling weeds and insects, but they can be dangerous if stored or used improperly. They can contribute to contamination of lakes, streams, and rivers through stormwater runoff. Since all pesticides have some level of toxicity, they can pose a threat to aquatic life when they get into waterbodies.Further, pesticides in
  • Supervisory Refresher Course Changes announced

    The Supervisory Refresher Course was launched three years ago, and it’s time to complete the requirement again.  The course meets a directive requiring supervisors to be complete refresher training at least once every three years. To make it easier for those needing the training, the format of the five-week course has changed. Employees now have
  • Success Here = Success There! AFSOC lauds Team Robins for expedited AC-130 work

    Maj. Gen. Eugene Haase, AFSOC vice commander, speaks to Team Robins maintenance professionals during a special visit to the base to laud the accelerated programmed depot maintenance work being done on AFSOC aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tommie Horton)
  • AF releases new guidance on civilian hiring freeze

    The Air Force has released additional guidance in regard to the federal civilian hiring freeze implemented Jan. 23.
  • Air Force releases Civilian Hiring Freeze FAQs

    The Air Force has released a list of frequently asked questions concerning the current civilian hiring freeze. They are:Q. What impact will the freeze have on the force? A. The impact of this freeze will likely be felt over time as personnel retire and separate from the Air Force. However, the Secretary of Defense has delegated limited authority to
  • Tax Center open for business

    The Robins Air Force Base Tax Center is open for the 2016 filing season through April 18, 2017.  The Tax Center will be located in the Education Office of  Bldg. 905, and Individuals can access the center through the door across from Room 120. The Tax Center provides free tax preparation and electronic filing services to active duty, reserve and