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  • Nature’s hazards: Bees, wasps, and hornets

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Bees, wasps, and hornets are the deadliest non-human animals in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bee, wasp, and hornet stings cause an average of 58 deaths yearly, and the best way to avoid being stung is prevention. These insects sting primarily to defend themselves,
  • Military Justice

    The following airman was found guilty at a general court-martial: February 2017 A 461st Air Control Wing Airman First Class was found guilty by members of one charge and one specification of premeditated murder, and one charge and one specification of the death of an unborn child. The member was sentenced to life in confinement without the
  • Flag represents national identity, ideals

    AFSC Airmen, Every year June 14 is a special, nationally recognized day to honor our flag, which remains an enduring symbol of hope, liberty and freedom. On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted a resolution establishing the United States flag as having 13 stripes alternating between seven red and six white; and that the union be 13
  • Contracting association opens dialog with leadership

    The Middle Georgia National Contract Management Association Chapter has been reenergizing its acquisition information footprint in the local community. Recently, the association hosted its May 2017 program which included Robins Complex senior leaders Donna Frazier, 402nd Maintenance Support Group director, and Col. Jason Edelblute, 402nd Electronic
  • Supervisor training equips managers with new tools

    Keep Calm and Airman On. It’s a catch phrase posted nearly all over Robins Air Force Base that embodies the message of resiliency. Team Robins Frontline Supervisor Symposium “Helping You Manage Your Organization’s Most Valuable Resource -- Employees” is an optional class that will be offered upon request to each base organization from May until the
  • Fail to Stop, Walk to Work

    Thinking about driving through the gate without stopping? Think again. Failing to stop or follow directions of Security Forces personnel at the Robins' installation entry control gates will now result in an automatic 30-day suspension of base driving privileges. Col. Jeff King, the 78th Air Base Wing and Robins Air Force Base installation
  • End of an Era

    Although the 78th Medical Group Dental Squadron inactivated June 2, services available to active duty members at Robins will remain the same. The Dental Clinic, which has been in existence since 1994, has transitioned from a squadron to a flight and realigned under the Aerospace Medical Squadron due to changes in the active duty population at the
  • Air Base Alligators

    Swimming and wading is not permitted in any body of water on Robins AFB. Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn. Unless handled, alligators less than four feet in length are not large enough to pose a significant threat. Please be aware, nuisance alligators are killed, not relocated. Never feed alligators. Observe and photograph alligators only from a distance. Leave alligators alone.
  • It's here! Global Hawk makes historic unmanned flight to Robins

    The RQ-4 Global Hawk has landed at Robins. The arrival of this unmanned aerial vehicle marks the first time an aircraft of this type has flown to an Air Force Air Logistics Complex.Robins will provide an organic paint capability. This work is necessary to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the aircraft to keep it operating at full mission
  • Safety Break: Team Robins Fall Protection Safety Week

    The Team Robins Quest for Zero Fall Protection Focus is to raise awareness of fall hazards and prevent fall-related mishaps. The week is designed to focus on activities accomplished on- and off-duty at levels above ground and on the ground. The Fall Protection Focus draws attention to avoidable mishaps due to falls and reminds Team Robins and their