Prepare now for Academic Year 2025 Civilian Development

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Whether individuals want to grow functional expertise or hone leadership skills for the future, the Department of the Air Force Civilian Development Academic Year 2025 has a program for everyone.

Air Force Materiel Command civilians are encouraged to start now to prepare for the upcoming Civilian Development application cycle, Jan. 10 to Feb.16, 2024.

“There are programs for individuals at every stage of their professional career,” said Crystal Riego, AFMC Civilian Development program lead. “Whether you want to obtain a degree, develop leadership and supervisory skills, or become a better technician in your profession, there is a program for you.”

Aligned with the Department of the Air Force's institutional competencies, Civilian Development programs are designed to ensure individuals succeed in today’s dynamic operational environment. Civilians can apply to Professional Military Education, academic programs, fellowships, experiential assignments or programs, leadership seminars and short courses, and more.

“The Civilian Development portfolio offerings align with the DAF’s ‘Civilians We Need’ career model, which has distinct paths for individuals looking to be enterprise leaders or functional experts in their chosen field,” said Riego. “Individuals can review the career roadmaps alongside program offerings with their supervisors to determine the best programs for their needs.”

There are 42 different Civilian Development programs offered for Academic Year 2025, including several new initiatives. These range from short courses to long-term residency programs.

An Executive Core Qualifications course will help aspiring Senior Executive Staff applicants better understand the application and portfolio process. Similarly, the Technical Qualifications course focuses on application preparation for individuals seeking senior-level scientific and professional positions in the physical, biological, medical, and engineering sciences or related fields.

The Civilian Short-Term Experiential Program has expanded eligibility to all career fields with increased program quotas. The Civilian Strategic Leader Program now allows for competitive promotion for GS-14 employees.

The Developing Supervisors Course has extended eligibility to supervisors and team leads at the GS 9-11 levels and non-supervisory GS-12 positions.

Higher education degree costs are capped at $35,000, with the master’s degree program now open to all functionally-relevant degrees.

To learn more about the application process and programs, visit the Force Development mFSS page at AFMC individuals can also review the information at AFMC - Annual Civilian Development Call ( (Common Access Card required).

Applicants must apply through MyVector and should coordinate with their supervisors before applying.

Application window for Academic Year 2025:

  • Civilian applications (MyVector):  Opens Jan. 10, 2024

*Check with local organizations for internal application deadlines.

  • Civilian endorser reviews:  Jan. 10 March 8, 2024

AFMC informational webinars are scheduled for the following dates. Links to the events will be available on the AFMC Civilian Development SharePoint:

  • Jan. 9:  Civilian Development Application Window
  • Jan. 25:  MyVector and Resume Tips
  • Jan. 31:  Non-boarded Civilian Development programs
  • Feb. 7:  Civilian Development Program Testimonials and Panel
  • Feb. 15:  Supervisor and Endorser Information
  • Mar. 13:  Civilian Development:  Post-Application Next Steps