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School Liaison Office

Welcome to the School Liaison Office at Robins Air Force Base. The SLO is the central point of contact for school-related matters between military families with children in grades K-12 and local school administrators. The SLO provides transition assistance regarding education for families moving to Robins and serves as an advocate for the educational needs of our military children.

The Robins School Liaison Officer (SLO) is available to assist military and DoD civilian families with questions or issues concerning K-12 school age children.  The SLO provides our families with information on public, private, homeschool and Georgia Virtual schools.


The main goals of the School Liaison Officer are to assist new families transitioning to Robins AFB with K-12 educational issues and develop partnerships with state level educational leaders as well as the local school districts servicing our Robins AFB military students. Together we can ease the transition of the mobile military family prior to arrival at Robins AFB as well as when they prepare to depart for the next duty station. The SLO at Robins Air Force Base is here to help ensure our military students receive the best possible education and achieve academic success regardless of where they attend school.


School Liaison Services Include:



  • Assist parents in locating schools in the local area. It is highly recommended that inbound families contact the School Liaison prior to arriving at Robins AFB to discuss school zoning as Houston County School District does NOT offer school of choice.  The district requires that students attend school in the zone in which they reside. However, the Georgia Legislature approved House Bill 224 (HB 224) which allows military families the option to request any school within the district based on space availability, if the family resides on base or in off-base military housing.  Approval is NOT guaranteed, but the school district does their best to support our military families. Families are encouraged to list their top 3 school choices on the transfer request. Please see HB 224 School Transfer guidelines at:


  • It is highly recommended that inbound families contact the SLO prior to arriving at Robins AFB to discuss school zoning.
  • Maintain resources available to assist parents understand the policies and procedures of local school systems surrounding Robins AFB
  • Foster partnerships between Robins AFB and the local board of education and schools
  • Assist families in solving educational challenges that may occur during transition, such as registration, graduation requirements, gifted placement or special needs
  • Actively serves as member of the Georgia Military Interstate Compact Commission     
    • Advocates for our military students with state legislators, the GaDOE, and the Ga Military Interstate Compact Commission 

Contact Information

School Liaison Officer:
Renee Daughtry
(478) 327-5524
DSN 497-5524

Airman and Family Readiness Center
Building 794
725 9th Street, Ste 100
Robins AFB, GA 31098

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

EFMP - Family Support Coordinator
Renea McFeeters
(478) 926-1259
Airman and Family Readiness Center
Building 794
Robins AFB, GA 31098