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  • Advanced Power Technology marches with the troops

    The way Battelle's Jeff Melaragno tells it, it won't be long before warfighters at remote bases will have a cleaner, quieter way to power runway lights and other electrically powered devices. But he does more than tell us, he shows us. Dec. 14, the Air Force Advanced Power Technology Office here

  • Airmen deploy just prior to holidays

    For Sarah McIntyre, Christmas won't arrive until mid February. Mrs. McIntyre is the wife of Senior Airman Glen McIntyre, who deployed Sunday afternoon with more than 100 active duty Air Force, Air National Guard, civilian and active duty Army members of the 116th Air Control Wing. Mrs. McIntyre said

  • MAKING CHRISTMAS MERRY: Program helps families enjoy holidays

    The 116th Air Control Wing and the Macon Chamber of Commerce have come together to help families share their good fortune with others this holiday season. Family-2-Family, a program started by the 116th ACW at Robins when it was known as the 116th Bomb Wing in 1996, originally gave people a chance

  • A HERO'S WELCOME: Robins Airmen return from 8-month deployment

    More than 60 Robins Airmen returned after being away from home for eight months on the afternoon of Dec. 7. A group of mainly civil engineers mixed with a splattering of administrative personnel came home from Iraq after being there for six months, following two months of deployment training. The

  • Robins Russell Parkway gate to reopen Monday

    Robins' Gate 14, known to many people as the Russell Parkway Gate, will be back in business Monday.The gate construction, which provided a canopy to shelter gate guards from the weather, was the second gate in recent months to receive upgrades since similar changes were made to Gate 1, or the Green