Holiday tips from 78th Security Forces

  • Published
  • By 78th Security Forces Squadron
  • 78th Air Base Wing
'Tis the season and what better time to remind everyone about keeping vigilant around your home and work place to protect those you love. 

The holidays can be a joyous but sometimes stressful period and as the year draws to an end here are some tips to ensure more joy than stress. 

Online shopping is a booming business, and with additional deliveries a criminal trend has emerged in package theft. To combat this, talk to relatives and friends about specific delivery times with the shipper, and get a tracking number. This helps ensure the package arrives at a time you or your family member are present. This also reduces the potential for an unannounced delivery. If you can't be present, talk to a neighbor. Let them know you're expecting a delivery this helps protect the whole community.

Many will travel to see family over the coming weeks or attend parties. Make sure you have a plan if you intend to indulge in a few adult beverages. I bet if I asked you to name the biggest drinking day of the year, you'd probably identify New Year's Eve. We tend to lower our guard when we're with family. Those you share the road with don't have the same interests as you. If someone cuts you off, guess what? It happens. Driving like a man possessed to make a point won't help. If the individual is a hazard and dangerous to others, call the police. We're happy to respond.

Lastly, we've all witnessed the tragic events around the globe over the past few weeks. The United States is still a target, and at Team Robins we can't afford to place our head in the sand either. Every member of this community has a duty to identify and report suspicious activity. If it doesn't look or sound right, please report it immediately. 

On behalf of the men and women of the 78th Security Forces Squadron, thank you all for your continued support, and please have a joyous holiday season.