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Robins AFB Passenger Terminal Information

78 LRS Passenger Terminal
155 Phantom St
Robins AFB, GA 31098

Contact Number: (478) 926-3166 / DSN 468-3166
Flight Recording: (478) 926-4446 / DSN468-4446
Fax Number: (478) 926-5835 / DSN468-5835
E-mail Address: 78lrs.paxterm@us.af.mil

Monday / Wednesday / Friday: 0900-1600
Tuesday / Thursday: 0700-1600

FROM MAIN GATE: Go through the traffic light (First traffic light.) Turn Left onto Robins Parkway (second traffic light). Go through traffic light and proceed down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, Turn right and go toward the Flightline. Veer slightly to the left and proceed through the gate to Building 127. Continue forward through next gate and park there in the parking lot. (DO NOT ENTER ONTO THE FLIGHTLINE).


    Welcome to the 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Passenger Terminal!
    The base is located adjacent to the city of Warner Robins, Georgia. with Macon, GA at 15 miles north and Atlanta, the state
    capital, located approximately 100 miles to the north on Interstate 75. Florida is within four hours driving time south on
    the interstate.

    One point of interest here at Robins AFB is the Museum of Aviation, the fourth largest aviation museum in the United States
    with a collection of over 90 aircraft spanning a century of flight & is also the home of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.

    Space Available seats are often limited, therefore, passenger planning and flexibility is key to Space Available travel out of
    Robins AFB.

    On behalf of the 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the Air Mobility Command (AMC), we wish you an enjoyable travel
    experience and look forward to assisting you in future travels. Please let us know if you've any questions or concerns during
    your visit to the Robins Passenger Terminal.

General Information

Space-A sign-up e-mail address: 781rs.paxterm@us.af.mil

Smoking is not permitted within the passenger terminal or on any military or contract flight. Please see Passenger Service Rep for designated smoking area. 

Unless otherwise directed by the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide, the wear of uniforms on AMC-owned or controlled flights are governed by the services. 

Passengers with non-apparent handicaps such as hearing impairments, asthma or pacemakers should advise Passenger Service agents of this handicap at the time of check-in so that we might better assist you.

Passengers with a handicap that doesn't allow them to move under their own power are not permitted aboard AMC aircraft. 

All passengers are allowed 2 free checked bags (70 lbs each, 140 lbs total).

Size limit is 62 linear inches.

Duty passengers are allowed excess baggage, but fees apply.  

Note: Some exceptions apply but tariff rates are subject to change without notice.

Each passenger is permitted to hand-carry one article (small luggage, garment bag, backpack, etc) and one personal item (cosmetic case, purse, briefcase, small box, package, etc) for storage in the passenger cabin area.

The weight of these items shall not be considered as part of the passenger's baggage authorization.

Hand-carried items shall be no larger than 45 linear inches and must fit under the passenger's seat or in the overhead compartment.

For carry-on/checked baggage prohibited items guidance, visit the website: http://www.tsa.gov

AMC Travel

For additional AMC Travel information to include Space Available categories, baggage allowances, dependent travel example letters, frequently asked questions and a complete listing of all AMC terminals please visit the AMC travel Resource page.

Space-A Email Sign Up

Sponsor's E-mail must include: Name, Rank, and Service affiliation; Social Security number is not mandatory.

NOTE: All dependents traveling with the sponsor must be identified by name (Social Security or passport number is optional)