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Mike King, contractor, cuts a section of asphalt to be removed for the installation of speed bumbs in the outbound lane of the Green Street Gate here Nov. 28. Construction at the gate which begins Phase Phase 2 of a three-phase project  is expected to last 21 days. The improvements which involve the installation of traffic-calming devices and cameras are necessary to help ensure not only security but employee safety while traveling in and out of the base. The final phase of gate construction involves the Watson Gate and is slated to begin Jan. 5. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tommie Horton)
Gate project underway at Green Street
Phase 2 of the gate project started today at the Green Street Gate. The Russell Parkway and MLK gates have resumed normal operations. The Museum gate is closed until further notice.  As with the Russell Parkway Gate phase, the Green Street Gate portion is expected to last 21 days. During that time period, The MLK Gate will remain open from 5 a.m.
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Default Air Force Logo Robins recycling reductions now in effect
 The Recycling Center at Robins stopped accepting plastic on Saturday. Robins runs its Recycling Program according to Department  of Defense Qualified Recycling Program regulations, which requires recycling white paper, cardboard, and as many other commodities as economically feasible while striving to meet  solid waste diversion to landfill goals.
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