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  • Team Robins hosts Small Business Industry Day

    Robins Air Force Base hosted their Small Business Industry Day for local contractors, November 1, 2018, at the Museum of Aviation.“It allows contractors to meet the requirements owner,” said Angela Dial, Robins Small Business Office director. The 78th Civil Engineer Group, Air Force Reserve Command,

  • Watson Gate open for business

    The Watson Gate reopened for business at Midnight Sunday, Jan. 22, in time for Monday morning traffic.All gates resumed their normal operating hours.The construction project at the gates was necessary to help ensure not only security but employee safety. The construction involved the installation of

  • Gate project underway at Green Street

    Phase 2 of the gate project started today at the Green Street Gate. The Russell Parkway and MLK gates have resumed normal operations. The Museum gate is closed until further notice.  As with the Russell Parkway Gate phase, the Green Street Gate portion is expected to last 21 days. During that time

  • Russell Parkway Gate open, project continues with Green Street

    And there ya have it -- one down, two to go. The Russell Parkway and MLK gates have resumed normal operations, and the Museum gate is closed until further notice. Phase 2 of the gate project starts Nov. 28 as construction moves to the Green Street Gate.  The Green Street Gate portion of the base's

  • Gate project starts Monday; plan accordingly

    With the first part of a three-phase construction project kicking off at the Russell Gate Monday, Robins leadership is encouraging base motorists to plan ahead and adjust their schedules accordingly.  The Watson, Green Street, and Russell Parkway gates will be closed for about 21 days each. The

  • Upcoming Parking Lot Closures

    A parking lot closure, southwest of flight line Gate 31 isscheduled beginning Thursday and lasting through Nov. 23.  The parking lot contains 25 handicap parking spaces whichwill be temporarily relocated to the parking area west of Bldg 155. Thisconstruction project will involve removal and