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Category: Environmental
  • Navigating Disasters

    This year’s natural disasters have been brutal for many in the United States. Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have all been directly affected by hurricanes in 2017.And by the way, California was on fire. A team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Emergency
  • Prepping for hurricane relief at Robins

    Robins Air Force Base was teeming with activity as Hurricane Irma approached Florida last week. At the FEMA Fuel Staging Area on base, Lee Mahan, from Chatham, Virginia, conducts preventive maintenance service prior to leave for a mission in support of FEMA’s Hurricane relief effort. (U.S. Air Force photo/ED ASPERA)
  • Cease the Grease! Oils and greases don't belong in the drain

    Oils and grease should never be disposed of down the drain for any reason.  That includes fuels, motor oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cooking oil or animal derived fats -- such as bacon grease --  that may be used at home or on Base.  Those materials can cause backups in the pipe systems within your home, at the wastewater treatment plant or
  • Robins recycling reductions now in effect

     The Recycling Center at Robins stopped accepting plastic on Saturday. Robins runs its Recycling Program according to Department  of Defense Qualified Recycling Program regulations, which requires recycling white paper, cardboard, and as many other commodities as economically feasible while striving to meet  solid waste diversion to landfill goals.
  • Rock and Rollover: 5th MOB School helps airmen come full circle with MRAP training

    There are just inches to spare. As you’re sitting in a confined space that can be oppressive and daunting, precious seconds can mean the difference between life and death. But you’re not sitting alone. Facing five other body-armor protected Airmen, with a driver and passenger who are out of sight, you collectively wait for the signal. Then it
  • Thunder Over Georgia Air Show this weekend

    The 2016 Thunder Over Georgia Air Show will roar into Middle Georgia to the delight of thousands this Saturday and Sunday.Headlining the event will be “America’s Ambassadors in Blue,” the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Their last visit here was in 2009.  “We’re very excited about this event,” Col. Jeff King, 78th Air Base Wing commander, said. “This
  • Focus on Resiliency: On-call clergy now available for crisis counseling

    A sign of strength is asking for help. When it comes to taking care of people and saving lives, it’s understood this mission is a top priority across the Air Force.Comprehensive Airman Fitness focuses on targeted programs and activities that build and sustain a thriving and resilient Air Force, which includes the four pillars of mental, physical,
  • Walking the Walk: Base takes steps to clean up after tornado

    Hundreds of Team Robins members were out in full force Monday morning inspecting the flight line for anything that could cause damage to aircraft following last Friday's tornado and severe thunderstorms. "We're looking for any kind of loose debris out here - rocks, pebbles, metal objects - things that can get sucked into an aircraft's engines and