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  • Robins encourages smokeless tobacco users to quit habit

    Sometimes being a quitter is a good thing.The Great American Spit Out is Thursday, and it's a great opportunity for smokeless tobacco users to kick their tobacco addiction for 24 hours. They're also encouraged to quit the habit for good. Smokeless tobacco is bad for your health. According to the

  • Tuskegee Airmen

    This is the first in a recurring series featuring exhibits, aviation and other interesting items at the Museum of Aviation. The displays can be seen during a lunch break or after work and showcase the history of aviation. The Museum of Aviation tries to capture the Air Force legacy by incorporating

  • Arts & Craft

    When an occasion calls for something special, Robins Air Force Base's Arts & Crafts Center has a variety of creative ways people can express themselves.For more than 30 years, the Arts & Crafts Center, located in Bldg. 984 on Tenth Street, has helped the base community mark occasions and capture

  • Go Red today – It’s all about a woman’s heart

    Some people wear red in February to mark the month of romance.However, wearing red on the first Friday in February takes on a more significant meaning, as it's a way to support the Go Red for Women campaign - a national effort to show support for women's heart health.As part of February's National

  • Commentary -- Remember not to make the same mistakes

    A friend once asked me why we celebrate Black History Month.Living in a world now where we live at a lightning pace - where we don't often stop to appreciate the past or learn from it - it's interesting that the question is still relevant.For some of us we act as if the past isn't really that big of

  • PAWS FOR READING: Therapy dogs lend an ear to Robins Elementary students

    For many students reading out loud in class to their peers can be an overwhelming experience, where students dread making a mistake in front of their classmates. This is why Beverly Kile, the reading teacher at Robins Elementary, jumped at the opportunity to bring therapy dogs into the classroom to