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  • Library adds new books, dvds to collection

    Since January, more than 800 new books have been added to the shelves at the Base Library in Bldg. 905.Supervisory librarian Kathleen Roseboom has gone through old books using a process she calls 'weeding' and culled old, damaged and out-of-date books from the collection."We look at the age of the

  • Robins to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 8

    The Airman & Family Readiness Center will celebrate military spouses and their contributions to the military mission May 8.Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Friday prior to Mother's Day. As part of the National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, A&FRC will give the first 100

  • Air Force Wounded Warrior program offers many services

    The Air Force Wounded Warrior program has changed since its inception in 2008.As part of the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Linn Watkins, the base representative receptive care coordinator, handles the cases at Robins.One of the biggest changes is that the program used to only cover physical

  • Heart Link set for May 8

    The Airman & Family Readiness Center will host Heart Link, a once-a-quarter spouse orientation event May 8.Heart Link is designed for military spouses married five years or less, but any spouse is welcome to attend. The benefit of attending, said Dell Steplight, program manager and community

  • Fun, healthy events for fitness month

    John Enterman, Base Fitness Center director, is hosting a "Whodunit" event as the main incentive program of the May Fitness Month celebration. The mystery is based on the popular Clue game with an exercise bike as the grand prize. Amateur detectives will exercise their sleuthing skills to discover

  • Splash pad, pooch park coming soon

    When one pool closes, a splash pad opens.Horizons, the former Officers Club, will be closing its pool due to maintenance issues, but a new offering will open this summer.Called a splash pad, the area near the Heritage Pool will feature water bubbling up from the ground, water spouts and more, said

  • Robins Fire Emergency Services offers tips for tidying

    Now that spring is here, many of us will gravitate towards a yearly tradition called "spring cleanup." This is the time and opportunity to get rid of all those items lingering around the workplace for some time now. Here are some helpful hints when doing your spring clean-up that can be applied at

  • Wondering if you drink too much? Simple tool can help you with the answer

    The month of April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Take a free, anonymous alcohol-use self-assessment at www.DrinkingIQ.org.  The assessment only takes a few minutes and can help you determine if your symptoms are consistent with an alcohol problem. If you have concerns about a friend or family member,

  • Improving the overweight generation

    The prevalence of child obesity has increased rapidly during the past two decades and is now considered a global epidemic. Nearly one in three children in the United States is overweight or obese.     The annual direct medical cost - not including associated illness - for U.S. childhood obesity is

  • Chikungunya: It has nothing to do with chickens

    It's that time of year again. The sun's shining, the grass is growing, summer vacations are in sight, and the bugs are coming out. Understanding the risks associated with international travel could make all the difference in your post-vacation recovery.  Many associate the warm, humid months with an