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  • Aircraft training pad assists in educational mission

    The aircraft training pad located at the southwest end of Robins may appear uninhabited at times, but its existence is definitely appreciated by students and instructors who utilize it throughout the year. Constructed three years ago, the dedicated space for aircraft training operations offers not

  • Retirees tour Robins

    As part of a Robins Air Force Base tour, 64 people from the Senior Retired Air Force Transportation Officer Reunion took two buses to see what the mission here is all about.The group visited the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group's 562nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, C-17 Production Depot Maintenance

  • Robins Skeet and Trap Range offers full-service recreation

    For centuries, men and women have used target practice as a way to hone their skill at shooting. At the Skeet and Trap Range on Robins, the target is a moving clay disk, traveling at about 40 mph. This summer, the members of the range installed a new trap machine which has the ability to shoot two

  • Perspective: Observing Hispanic Heritage Month

    "Hola, como estas?" That's Spanish for, "How are you doing?" A good response would be, "Yo estoy bien, gracias." That means, "I'm doing fine, thanks."Every year we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. It's a month of cultural awareness.Hispanics have been in the

  • Robins hosts Disability Awareness activities throughout October

    Robins Air Force Base has a variety of events planned in October that let people get a better understanding of how people with disabilities adapt and overcome their challenges in a variety of ways.October is National Disability Awareness Month.Stewart Crow, Disability Program manager in Robins Air

  • Dental Clinic keeps airmen ready for deployments

    Tooth pain can be a minor nuisance, or it could be enough to cause an airman to be medically evacuated from a war zone.The 78th Dental Clinic here has the unique mission of ensuring those small aches and potential emergencies are dealt with before troops deploy.Lt. Col. Joanna McPherson, the clinic

  • Stopping Abuse Is Everyone's Business

    Every couple experiences relationship challenges.No matter how tough times get, commit to living by core values and working through problems in a healthy way. Don't let individual or family stress escalate into domestic abuse.It starts with respect.Domestic violence is never OK. It goes against all

  • Prostate Cancer: Be Informed and Get Care

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men.Most prostate cancers grow slowly but once the cancer is discovered, other tests must be done to determine if it has spread. This Prostate Cancer Awareness Week, take time to decide if you should be tested.There are three risk factors that

  • Fall Bash is coming!

    Team Robins will host its annual Fall Bash Oct. 3, from 1 to 5 p.m.The family-friendly event, slated to take place at Robins Park across from the Heritage Club, is a yearly tradition that allows the Robins' community to take a break and have some fun.  The free event - which will include rides, face