Disc Golf lands at Robins

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  • Robins Public Affairs
Just before exiting the Russell Parkway gate, glance to your right and you might see small flying discs sailing around.

Funded by the Single Airmen Initiative, the Gator Park Disc Golf Course was built last fall by Eagle Scout Braden Phillips.

Disc golf is played much like regular golf, with throws counted toward strokes. A player throws a disc toward a metal cage like a golfer would hit a ball toward a hole.

The discs are smaller in diameter than a regular Frisbee. There are three main sizes including a driver, a mid-range and a putter.

There’s a creek which runs through the course making hole No. 6 a bit of a challenge, said Scott Peavy, base recreation assistant, who plays at the course regularly and also is part of a league.

He has a bag he uses to carry his many discs in.

“Real mean putt with pink,” Peavy said as he tried to get his pink putter disc into the basket.

There are three kinds of throws one can use to putt: a flick, a tomahawk and backhanded.

Discs can be checked out at the fitness center for free or can be bought at various locations around town.

“You can actually do it at lunch,” said John Enterman, base fitness and sports manager.

The course is short enough that players can have two rounds of disc golf in 30 minutes. There is a chance to do cardio if one chases after the disc once it is thrown.

Enterman has approved disc golf as part of the three day a week civilian fitness program.

To download the disc golf app for iPhone and iPad which includes a free scorecard, GPS and stats, visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disc-golf-scorecard/id937899125?mt=8 and choose Gator Park Disc Course.