National Children’s Dental Health Month

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  • By 78th Dental Squadron
  • 78th Medical Group
The 78th Dental Squadron observed National Children's Dental Health Month Tuesday with a visit to the Robins Child Development Center.  

Representatives from the squadron were on hand to educate children on proper oral hygiene and nutritional habits.

"Oral health techniques must be taught at an early age so that good hygiene and healthy nutrition become habits," said Lisa Sims, 78th Dental Squadron Preventive Dentistry chief. "It's important for dental providers to educate children and their parents on ways to keep their teeth healthy."

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends parents take their children to a preliminary dental visit before the child reaches his or her first birthday. 

That first visit can help educate parents on ways to help their children prevent dental decay at an early age and subsequent dental problems throughout their lives.

The 78th Dental Squadron will be conducting events throughout the month of February.  

The American Dental Association observed the first national Children's Health Day during a one-day event on Feb. 8, 1949. 

In 1981, the single day event became a month-long educational campaign known as National Children's Dental Health Month.

For more information, call Sims at 478-327-8056.