Robins Fire Emergency Services offers tips for tidying

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  • By Robins Fire Emergency Services
  • Base Fire Prevention Office
Now that spring is here, many of us will gravitate towards a yearly tradition called "spring cleanup." This is the time and opportunity to get rid of all those items lingering around the workplace for some time now. 

Here are some helpful hints when doing your spring clean-up that can be applied at your home as well as work:

-Remove weeds, dead trees and bushes from around buildings, fences and sidewalks.

-Store paints, thinners and other flammable or combustible liquids in original containers in flammable storage lockers and away from any heat, sparks or flame. Contact the base Environmental Office for the proper procedures in discarding unwanted flammable and combustible containers. 

-Check your desk and lockers for old or expired medications and dispose of them. 

-Get rid of all newspapers and magazines that are no longer in use; it does not take long for these items to accumulate around business facilities.

-Check exterior and exit lights to ensure that they are in working order and ensure exit paths are cleared.

-Maintain supply storage areas and work areas in an orderly and fire safe condition.

Always remember to prevent fires before they start. Good housekeeping and cleanliness are essential factors in preventing work place and home fires. When fires do occur it is essential to ensure responders are quickly notified and arrive safely. If you are on the road and see and hear responders take the following actions:

Move right for sirens and lights. When the Fire Department is called to an emergency it is important that we respond quickly and safely.

-If you are driving down the road and see the lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle in your rearview mirror, move to the right and stop to allow emergency vehicles to move easily down the road. Once the emergency vehicles have passed, merge back into traffic when it is safe to begin driving.

-Every time fire engines or aid cars are called to an emergency fire fighters are giving their all to help others. Do your part as a driver to help fire fighters do their job as quickly and safely as possible.

For more information, call the Base Fire Prevention Office at DSN 468-2145 or 478-926-2145.