Fun, healthy events for fitness month

  • Published
  • By Base Fitness Center
  • 78th Force Support Squadron
John Enterman, Base Fitness Center director, is hosting a "Whodunit" event as the main incentive program of the May Fitness Month celebration. 

The mystery is based on the popular Clue game with an exercise bike as the grand prize. Amateur detectives will exercise their sleuthing skills to discover the one who committed the crime, the victim, weapon and the room where the crime was committed.

Players will receive a game board, and their movements from room to room will be based on how much they workout. 

The more they move, the more clues they collect. Bonus clues may be earned by attending special May fitness events. There will be specialty group exercise classes, individual and team competitions, lectures and events for the whole family.

"It's a very diverse calendar with something for everyone," said Scott Peavy, May Fitness Month coordinator. Peavy said this year will even have an event for the historian in all of us. 

"We are hosting a World War II Army Combat Service PT Challenge," said Peavy. "Participants will go old school as they workout like our grandfathers once did."

There will be a team treadmill challenge and several bench, squat and deadlift competitions for new and seasoned weight lifters.

May Fitness is not just an indoor event. May starts the bicycle Beaches to Peaks contest. Riders will test their endurance by completing 850 miles within a three-month time period. If that distance isn't for you, the fitness center is having a family bicycling poker run. There are several 5K runs, a spin-a-thon and Zumba-a-thon to round out the calendar.

"I don't want to forget the classes offered by the HAWC," Peavy said. "They'll be providing several performance nutrition programs during the month. 

"We're especially excited to see our clients solve the Clue game mystery," said Peavy. Then he whispered, "Here's a hint, 'the answer is not Mrs. Peacock in the library with a candlestick.'"

Editor's note: For more information call DSN 472-2128 or (478) 926-2128.