Making a mark: Robins engraving shop helps ‘Celebrate life’s victories’

  • Published
  • By Angela Woolen
  • Robins Public Affairs
Going away gifts, sports awards, name tags or beer mugs are just a few of the items Tracey Davis has engraved during her eight years in the engraving department at the Art and Crafts Center.

Davis, the head engraver, uses a computer program to line up artwork for the laser etching machine. Once the design is checked and checked again, Davis hits the start button and the machine starts working. 

For large jobs, it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. A smaller item can take two minutes. One of the strangest jobs she's ever had was a figure of Marvel's Hulk which she had to mount to a stand.

"We had to make a stand in the back and glue his feet to the base," Davis said.

She's also mounted a dog bone and even had a request to mount fake teeth.

The shop sells everything from wooden wall plaques to spinning glass globes. Each price includes one engraving.

"I think we have the biggest selection of eagles to choose from in the Middle Georgia area," said Davis.

The engraving department also does sublimation which takes an image and heat transfers it into another surface. 

She's done name tags, car tags, coasters and mugs with the process which can be black and white or color.

Anyone with base access can use the shop. The turnaround time to get an item engraved is a week.

Robins Expressions, the name of the engraving department, came up with a motto for the work it does. "Celebrating Life's Victories" is printed on pink business cards.

What to know:
Robins Expressions, which specializes in unique personalized gifts and services, is located in Bldg. 984 on Tenth Street. For more information, contact Tracey Davis at (478) 926-5282 or by email at