Robins Family Campground lets people get back to nature for less

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs
When most people think of Robins Air Force Base, peace and quiet are probably the furthest things from their minds. With aircraft roaring on the flight line and sonic booms thundering through the air, serenity is scarce in the industrial complex.

However, Robins Fam Camp, as the base's family campground is nicknamed, which is nestled in the woods alongside Luna Lake, offers a tranquil getaway for those who love the outdoors.

Whether campers wish to rough it or enjoy the comforts of home away from home, base I.D. cardholders can enjoy camping their way at Robins Fam Camp, Bill Gurr, Robins' Outdoor Recreation director, said.

"For those really looking to rough it out under the stars, there's a tent-only area," he said.  For those who prefer more of the comforts of home, the sites are able to adapt to 30-AMP or 50-AMP campers and have water and sewage hookup. There's a fully functioning bathhouse, as well as a laundry room with a washer and dryer."

The campground's proximity to Luna Lake allows campers the opportunity to grab a canoe or kayak and hop onto the lake for a day in the sun.

"Campers can also enjoy a relaxing day on the bank with their fishing line in the water waiting for the fish to bite," Gurr said. "There are also many paths and trails through the woods for those inclined to hike, sightsee or just enjoy nature."

The campground's other amenities allow for life's celebrations to be enjoyed among nature.

"Right off the main office of the clubhouse is a patio that can be used for a variety of functions from a Fourth of July celebration to a birthday celebration for a camper," Gurr said. "The clubhouse features a brand new 60-inch TV as well as a large variety of the latest and greatest movies released to DVD.Gaming consoles are also available for those who may need a little more technology."

Like any outdoor space, there are precautions to take at the campgrounds.

"Being next to a Lake does allow for a few more creatures to crawl by, so pets should always be monitored and on a leash when outside the camper," Gurr said. "From time to time, we see some alligators. Though they're typically a non-issue with campers, we ask that campers be aware and use good judgment when outside and around the lake."

Campsite reservations can be made up to 90-days in advance and recreational vehicle reserve sites can be occupied for up to 30-days, Gurr said.

"We have some long-term RV slots that may be occupied for 180 days," he said. The three-tent camping sites are first come, first served. We also have temporary RV sites with partial hook ups as an overflow if we're full. Just call Lori Mears, our Fam Camp host, and she can almost always find a solution."

Tent sites are $8 per night and RVs/campers are $15 per day, $90 per week or $300 per month. 

These fees cover all hookups and electricity. Full 24-hour access to the bathhouse, laundry area and clubhouse are also included.

Fees are due at arrival, or at the beginning of each month.

Compared to other campgrounds in the Middle Georgia area, Robins Fam Camp is by far the most affordable without losing the camping experience, Gurr said.

"The prices are based solely on maintaining the grounds, and all the profits are put directly back into the campground so we can continuously keep and make Robins Fam Camp the best of the best," he said.