EAP Updates and schedules

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Personal problems can affect the lives of employees both at home and at work.

To help prevent, identify and resolve potential stressors or issues, Air Force Materiel Command partners with Federal Occupational Health to provide our Employee Assistance Program services. EAP services are offered free (limitations apply) to civilians and their family members. 

The EAP is a comprehensive program that helps employees resolve personal problems that may adversely impact their work performance, conduct, health and well-being.

EAP addresses problems in the quickest, least restrictive and most convenient manner while minimizing cost and protecting client confidentiality. Services offered include:

Individual and/or Family focused
- Assessment, counseling and referral
- Financial
- Legal
- Supervisor and manager coaching and consultation
- Website resources

Unit Focused
- Health and Wellness presentations
- Orientation presentations

FREE upcoming webinar schedule
- July 8  - "Coping with Child Anxiety"
- Aug. 12 - "Improving Work Habits for a Better
Worklife Balance"
- Sept. 9 - "When Someone You Love Has