Quick adjustments give workers a way to stand up for their work

  • Published
  • By Angela Woolen
  • Robins Public Affairs
When part of the contracting team left Bldg. 300 due to construction, they didn't take the move sitting down - literally. 

Capt. Kyle Smith, along with almost a half dozen coworkers, modified their work desks in Bldg. 255 to allow them to stand up instead of the traditional sit-down desk.

"I was having back problems and heard that standing would be better," said Smith, Automated Test Systems and Support Equipment and Vehicles Contracting Branch manager. He was the first in the area to adopt the stand-up desk. It wasn't long until his coworkers started following suit.

Smith said his back problems eased and he feels better.

Smith estimated it took a week for his body to adjust. He also tries to work out to help stay fit.

Bryan Canady, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center contracting specialist here, said he feels better after just one week of his stand-up desk.

"I don't feel tired and I have more energy," Canady said. He also bought himself an ergonomic mat to stand on.

Canady said when he would sit in a chair he would slouch. Standing up to work also makes him feel more alert. He decided to try the stand-up desk after reading in a few articles how much healthier it was.

After seeing her coworkers try, and enjoy, using the stand-up desk, Donna Pallini, AFLCMC contracting officer, is set to have her desk raised so she can try to reap the benefits of standing versus sitting.

"I want to get up," Pallini said.

Converting the desks was an easy chore as well. There are just six screws to take out and then raising the desk to the correct height.

Because adjusting the desks is fairly easy, Smith doesn't see any reason for people not to give the stand-up desk a try.

"Just try it. If it works for you, that's great," he said.