Wynn Dining serves up a taste of home away from home

  • Published
  • By Angela Woolen
  • Robins Public Affairs
Between 400 and 500 airmen come through the doors of Wynn Dining Facility daily. And although it's the staff's mission to ensure the troops get their three squares, they choose to go a step further to make everyone feel like family.

It's rare that facility manager Connie Treco doesn't hug nearly every person who comes through to eat. If the person is a regular, she knows that person by name.

Lance Corp. Charles Canepa, a Marine aviation ordinance technician eats at least two meals a day at Wynn.

Although the main reason is the great food - like the chicken flatbread, his personal favorite - Canepa credits the friendliness of staff as the reason he spends his money at the facility.

The employees do little things to make sure that airmen are taken care of. Things like creating a work of art from an onion.

"Water makes them open like a flower," said Sompit Amonchomchupong, a line server and cashier.

Her purple onions look like a blooming flower sitting on the counters. To add to the at-home feel, Treco also gives military members a special birthday dinner complete with ribeye steak, a baked potato and dessert.

The facility seats 208 including 30 seats in a private dining area, Treco said.

Military men and women can check a large sign which shows the menu for the month. Healthy choices are green items. The main serving line has three entries, three vegetables, two starches and a hot dessert. 

Twenty-four items line the salad bar, including three different kinds of leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and more.

Senior Airman Ahmadi Murrell, from Poughkeepsie, New York, usually grabs breakfast, lunch and dinner at the facility.

"The sloppy joes are my favorite," Murrell, who works at the 78th Medical Group, said with a grin.

There is a plan in motion to celebrate birthdays once a quarter, and on Thursdays, there's a retiree dinner.