Got Recyclables? Now what?

  • Published
  • By Casey Lucas
  • 78th Environmental Management
Recent changes to the recycling program have prompted confusion on what goods can or can't be recycled at Robins and how recyclers are supposed to participate in the program.
Here is what you may know: White paper is still collected by Happy Hour personnel at buildings across the base. Cardboard is still collected at dumpsters on base.
Here's what you may not know: Bldg. 987 is still open (24/7) and recyclers can still drop off all types of recyclables at the building.

There are convenient windows to drop recyclables inside. All windows are labeled to include: mixed, brown and clear glass; metal and aluminum cans; plastics; white or mixed paper; cardboard; newspapers; and toner cartridges.

Building 987 is behind the Exchange on 10th Street.

What can you do? Be an active participant in the recycling program at Robins. Environmental Management strongly encourages base organizations to take proactive ownership of the recycling program by sorting and separating recyclable materials in the office area and dropping them off at Bldg. 987.

Need help getting started? Need large recycling containers? Got questions? Call Casey Lucas at DSN 497-9283 or Darryl Mercer at DSN 497-3976. 

What about scrap metal recycling? Personnel are encouraged to use the scrap metal yard for disposing eligible scrap metal from waste in their buildings or from scrap metal waste generated in construction and demolition projects. The scrap metal yard is located behind Bldg. 1555.