Counselor Connection: Lessons learned from EEO

  • Published
  • By Robins Office of Equal Opportunity
  • 78th Air Base Wing
The Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey is a commander's management tool allowing commanders to proactively assess critical organizational climate dimensions that can impact the organization's mission. The DEOCS is a voluntary survey designed to assess the "shared perceptions" of respondents about formal or informal policies and practices. This tool is also a good way for government employees and military members to let leadership know of perceived strengths, challenges and any target improvement areas within the unit.  

The DEOCS assesses 23 climate factors by posing questions employees may respond to using a four-point scale. The questionnaire focuses on four primary areas: Military Equal Opportunity, Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness, Perceptions of Discrimination/Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.  The online survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and provides opportunities for respondents to enter personalized comments.  

Anonymity is a very important factor when conducting the DEOCS.  To ensure the DEOCS is anonymous, the survey can be completed without a Common Access Card from any computer with internet access. The DEOCS ensures respondents' anonymity is protected when completing the online survey by using a computer-generated, untraceable password that cannot be linked to unit members or their computer systems.  In addition, no personally identifying information is collected. The survey will not display group data any time fewer than five members of that demographic completes the survey. This ensures all comments or answers remain anonymous.  In order to generate a DEOCS report, a minimum of 16 assigned personnel must complete the survey. Although group data will not be displayed, comments will appear in the unit's overall report.  

Additionally, commanders may tailor the survey to better fit their organization and to target specific areas of concern; commanders may add locally-developed questions and short answer questions to their survey. 

The DEOCS helps commanders understand what is important to airmen and employees throughout the organization; what concerns you have, and your feelings about the work environment.  

Also, commanders are responsible for ensuring assessment results are briefed to the unit members within 60 days of the end of the survey. This means, members of the organization will receive feedback based on the overall assessment.  As a reminder honest responses are essential to improving the climate. 

For any questions regarding the DEOCS process contact the EO office at 468-2131.