Fit and Fabulous: Team Robins trio takes on competition brings home medals

  • Published
  • By Angela Woolen
  • Robins public Affairs
Don't let the size of their muscles fool you, these ladies aren't weight lifters. The three started taking Richard Williams' strength flexibility class at the base fitness center and decided in November to participate in a fitness competition. 

If the story of three women medaling at a fitness competition isn't inspiring enough to make you put down that chocolate bar and hit the gym, it's doubtful anything will.

Debra Ford, Capt. Hope Bell and Teresa Taylor all donned bikinis earlier this month to participate in the Georgia State Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Pro Am.

Ford, an item manager at the 409th Supply Chain Management Squadron, is in her 50s. She started the class last year because she wanted a class to do    before work. She placed first in her age class out of 11 competitors.

"What I like best is that it keeps you healthy, and you also feel good about yourself," Ford said.

Taylor, 43, is an Air Force Life Cycle Management Center contract specialist, and she placed 3rd in her age group.

Both Ford and Taylor competed in the bikini competition, which is judged on muscle tone and a "soft-athletic physique," according to the SNBF website.

Taylor is a 1991 graduate of Perry High School and has been active since high school. She joined the class to compete.

Bell, age 39, is a maintenance officer at the 116th Maintenance Squadron and is the youngest of the trio. She competed in the fitness category which is judged on stage presence, feminine muscle tone without being muscular and symmetry.

She placed 4th in her age class.

All three were on a strict diet three months prior to the competition eating mainly complex carbohydrates, vegetables and a gallon of water a day. They each lost roughly 20 to 25 pounds during the months leading up to the competition.

Williams is a certified weight training coach with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. He also used to be a body builder. He decided to become an instructor to pay it forward.

"Someone trained me, so I'm just passing it on," Williams said.

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 5:30 a.m., the fun begins. 

The class is not just for aspiring competitors or to add bulky muscles like Ford, Bell and Taylor but has people of all different levels of fitness.

"He has patience with each and every person," Bell said. "He fosters team cohesion and proper gym etiquette. 

Coaches are visionaries because they see your ideal weight and size and have a way of pushing the limits as you gain confidence," she added.