Getting to know you: Diyonda Williams

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This week our Getting to Know You feature highlights Diyonda Williams, 566th Electronics Maintenance Squadron electronics mechanic.

Time in service: 5 years
Hometown:  Perry, Fla.

What does your work involve at Robins? "I work on the SNIPER Advanced Targeting Pod which is a targeting and surveillance system. I perform maintenance and repair of the IDCA-Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly; LST/TV- Laser Spot Tracker/ Television: and LRR-Laser Spot Tracker."

How does your work contribute to the Robins mission? "Supporting the warfighter keeps me focused on producing reliable LRU's for our troops to defend our freedoms. My contribution at the depot level involves testing, maintenance, and repair of enhanced avionics operational on the F-15, F-16, CF-18, B-1, B-52 and A-10."

What do you enjoy most about your work? "I enjoy giving direct support that makes a difference. There are 12 of us who do the maintenance, testing and repairs on the SNIPER System, and we get the job done. It is an overwhelming feeling to know what you do for a living actually makes an impact on a larger scale."

What prompted your interest in your current career field? "It's intimidating working as an avionics electronics mechanic, but at the same time so fulfilling which was a critical deciding factor."

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? "My parents, hands down. They taught me to work hard, just anything won't suffice, give your all in everything you do. Also to have compassion and empathy for others; we are put on this earth to see about each other."