Safety tips for celebrating Memorial Day

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs
When most people think of Memorial Day weekend safety, they think of travel.  With more vehicles on the roads, the chances of a collision increases.  

John Ainsworth, 78th Air Base Wing Safety Office safety manager, said taking a few precautions can make trips safer.

"People can allow more time to get from one point to another," he said. "They can inspect their vehicles to ensure they are ready for traveling long distances."

Ainsworth said avoiding "marathon driving" by taking breaks often is a good way to reduce drivers' fatigue.

Safety stretches far beyond the highway though, spilling into area water ways and making a splash at family and friends' swimming pools.

"A life vest is pretty obvious if you are going to be boating," Ainsworth said. "Constant supervision for anyone swimming in pools, ponds, lakes, etc. is always a must. Never swim alone."

Keep safety in mind when grilling out too, Ainsworth said.

"When it comes to grilling out- remember hot things burn," he said. "Keep unnecessary traffic away from the heat and try to give yourself enough space and ventilation to operate safely."

If fireworks are in the weekend plans, adults should supervise children at all times.

"Wood starts to burn at 575 degrees," he said. "Glass melts at around 900 degrees, and the sparkler that we give to our children burns at about 1200 degrees. I always like to have a source of water handy also, like a water hose, just in case one of those fireworks causes a little more than a light show. Think roman candles."

With all the celebration around Memorial Day, there will be people traveling, shooting fireworks, swimming, boating, grilling and more, there's a good chance some of these fun activities will occur around alcohol.   

Ainsworth said people should be good wingmen, and call a cab if needed. If you find that your primary plans fall through and you need a ride home, a Robins AADD volunteer will bring you home. Call 478-222-0013 for a ride. 

Anyone can call AADD, from active duty members and civilians, to contractors and dependents.