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Getting to know you: Armando Diaz

  • Published
  • By Staff Reports
  • Robins Public Affairs
This week our Getting to Know You feature highlights Armando Diaz, 573rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron, Composite/Plastic Shop work leader.

Time in service: 11 years
Hometown: Warner Robins, Ga.

What does your work involve at Robins? "I work closely with technicians performing programmed depot maintenance on C-130, F-15, C-5 and C-17 radomes; C-130 spinner rears, fronts, after bodies and brackets. I ensure all technicians have the necessary parts and assets needed to complete their work in a timely and correct manner. I am responsible for assigning all daily work, and ensuring all assets are returned to the warfighter at a quality level."

How does your work contribute to the Robins mission? "On a daily basis, our shop produces parts not only being returned to active units, but also to the PDM line at Robins."

What do you enjoy most about your work? "I enjoy working with people each and every day to support the group's mission. It's very comforting to go home at night knowing that I, along with the other employees, have returned quality parts to the warfighters."

What prompted your interest in your current career field? "Past experience in the automotive body repair business."

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of? "Becoming a work leader in the CMXG Composite/Plastic Shop."