Security Forces Training

  • Published
  • By Jonathan Bell
  • Robins Public Affairs

“His thigh is exposed … hit it! Keep your guard up!”

Periodically, 78th Security Forces Squadron airmen conduct training in the use of force, which requires them to engage each other by striking and defending themselves from an “attacker.”

This type of training typically starts off with airmen forming a circle with pads around an individual where that person would then react to threats coming from various directions. The training would then immediately move to one-on-one drills where the airmen train on the different areas on a person to strike using their baton.

Staff Sgt. Bryan Trumet, 78th Security Forces Squadron assistant training NCOIC, says this hands-on training helps reinforce the airmen’s confidence in their ability to handle various situations.

“If a real-world situation happens with a lot of stressful things going on all at once, they know they’ve gone through this in training and now they’re better equipped to deal with it in the real world.”

This annual drill is the same whether an airman is new to the Air Force, right out of technical school, or they’ve been on the job for a while.

“It gives them hands-on practice so they can see what it’s actually like to have someone come at them and get their stress levels up,” said Trumet. “That’s so we can gauge the knowledge level of incoming airmen, and it also shows us how much airmen who have been here have retained.”

The training ensures airmen of the 78th SFS are well rounded and well versed in various types of use of force in various situations that may not always require a deadly weapon. Through hands-on instruction, our airmen are prepared to adapt to an ever changing world.