Thanksgiving and wingmen

  • Published
  • By Col. Nick Zallas
  • 66th Air Base WIng
This Thanksgiving, many of us will be spending quality time with our families enjoying delicious food, watching parades and football games, and taking a well-deserved day or two off!

We have so much to be thankful for: the freedom and liberties we enjoy each day, our thriving democracy, a secure and prosperous nation, and the blessings of family and friends. Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to reflect on how truly lucky we Americans are.

I ask that you also remember and give thanks for the daily sacrifices that the men and women in our armed forces make on our behalf. They are working around the world to ensure our great nation continues to enjoy the benefit of liberty, security and prosperity. And, also let's not forget the family members of those who are deployed.

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, remember your wingman. Looking out for each other during this holiday season should be a top priority.

The holidays can be stressful, and separation from our loved ones or financial concerns may be a contributing factor. Showing someone you care can be as easy as taking time to ask your coworker how he or she is doing, inviting someone over for Thanksgiving dinner, providing a meal for mission-essential personnel working during the holidays, or making a phone call to show you are thinking of that person.

Remember that we are about Airmen taking care of Airmen. Be sure to do all you can to prevent a drinking and driving tragedy from destroying the lives of people around you. Wearing seatbelts, along with safe driving habits, are a must during the winter season.

We are all wingman looking out for each other, and the holiday season is a time when we are most needed. If you see someone who has been drinking or is too tired and shouldn't be driving home after a party, do the right thing and call a cab. Always look out for your wingman. Keep an eye over your shoulder; you just might save his or her life.

So take time to be with your family and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, but also reflect on how truly fortunate we are. Most especially, please do everything possible to ensure we all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.