Holiday Safety Message

  • Published
  • By Col. Carl Buhler
  • 78th Air Base Wing Commander
This holiday season is a time for rejoicing and reaching out to our fellow man. It is only fitting that we culminate the year with good wishes for everyone. As we prepare to celebrate this season, we can take the time to appreciate all we have done here at Robins. I know you should be proud of your myriad of accomplishments this past year.

Personally, it is an honor to work with you and be a part of the Robins team. Appreciation for your sacrifices is sometimes unspoken. However, your dedicated service and contributions are indeed recognized at all levels. As we join together for this holiday celebration, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your devotion to duty, and especially your families' support and understanding. The spirit of Christmas is made up of many things.
The jolly old Santa, the singing of carols, the menorah, the laughter of children and the special feeling of good will for your fellow person. The holiday spirit is indeed one of giving.

Please realize you can give an extra present this holiday by giving more thought to safety.

Unfortunately, a carefree attitude during this season can easily result in a serious if not fatal mishap. Nationally, more mishaps occur during the month of December than any other month of the year. As a result, the highest number of fatalities is recorded.

For those traveling the highways and byways of this nation; plan your trip to include adequate rest before starting, rest stops along the way, ensuring all safety devices in your vehicle is operational (to include seatbelts and their use), and above all, not exceeding one's own mental and physical limits by attempting to drive long distances in a short period of time.

Additionally, be prepared for weather delays and changing road conditions.

Adjust accordingly. Better to be late than not arrive at all.

This holiday season also traditionally increases the use of alcoholic beverages. It goes without saying, "Drinking and Driving Never Mix." More than half of the fatal holiday mishaps involve alcohol. Driving while under the influence of any substance can have tragic results. In line with our Wingman concept, I encourage supervisors to establish a "Volunteer taxi" service in conjunction with our own Robins' Airmen Against Drunk Drivers to aid those personnel who may not celebrate sensibly or moderately.

Leadership is always concerned about your safety and health. Drive defensively, buckle up, and don't drink and drive. Celebrate responsibly and safely. Enjoy your holiday with your family and loved ones. I wish all of you a most memorable holiday, and a happy New Year.