Physical Health Readiness Task Force

  • Published
  • By Kendra Hill
  • Robins Health Promotions

Robins Air Force Base new Physical Health Readiness Task Force is here and ready to improve the health of our Airmen! The PHR-TF was created in August 2019 with the intent to improve the deployability of military members in relation to physical readiness.

The PHR-TF is composed of several key members: Kevin Fallon, the Health Promotions coordinator; Patrick Stone, Exercise Physiologist; and Kendra Hill, Registered Dietitian. This team will be training Physical Training Leaders to carry out standardized, unit-specific training sessions. First Sergeants will play a role in enabling the PHR-TF to carry out action items through the PTLs to individual units and work with unit commanders in coordinating educational courses and programs for their units.

After nearly two years without an HPC, Kevin Fallon will now coordinate operations between PHR-TF members and ensure action items are met. He will present quarterly data to the Community Action Board to increase awareness of current physical readiness capabilities, train PTLs and Fitness Assessment Cells and teach classes on sleep hygiene, back safety, tobacco cessation, and more in an attempt to lower both obesity and exemption rates.

Patrick Stone will serve as the Senior Physical Training Consultant and leader of the Fitness Hub. His role is to both develop and coordinate training that will be carried out by the PTL’s. He will also assist in both collecting and disseminating data to higher leadership.

Kendra Hill will coordinate educational seminars and disseminate educational materials on nutrition and dietetics. Hill’s goal is to contribute to a decrease of the obesity rate and optimize performance in the active duty population. She will also continue to offer in-body analysis, performance nutrition, heart health, diabetes classes and more.

Air Force Physical Fitness Assessments will be resuming as of October 1, 2020, and NOW is a good time to get back into a healthy routine! Our Fitness HUB is a great way to prepare you and your unit for success. If you would like to get involved with the PHR-TF, contact Robins Health Promotions at (478) 327-8019 or (478) 222-7681.