Turn your duty title into action: ABW/CCC

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Timothy Wieser
  • 78th Air Base Wing command chief

I feel truly blessed to work for and with my outstanding teammates at Robins Air Force Base and in the local community. After two months, I wanted to write something to all of Team Robins to let them know how extremely excited my family and I are to be here. So, after some deliberation, I decided to say something about how a job title can be turned into action.  I decided to use mine as an example, and I will use every ounce of my determination to help us continue to become the greatest installation in our United States Air Force.

  • Awesome!  It’s totally awesome to be your command chief, and I will work every day to become more awesome to take care of all of you.
  • Believe.  Always believe in yourself and your teammates.  When times get tough, sync up with a friend or mentor, believe in your social, mental, spiritual, technical and physical abilities to be resilient and make it better the next time around.
  • WOW!  What an opportunity to be a teammate with the community and our 54 partner units.  TEAM ROBINS is a true team.  The community and the installation harmonize in every facet.  I am grateful to live in a place whose motto is, “Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciation Day”.  Please take the time to get out into our community and see all the great attributes they offer.
  • Character according to Merriam Webster, character is “one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual.” Have the type of character that’s approachable.  Being open-minded and welcoming will harvest an atmosphere and alliance that will bring our organization to an apex level.   
  • Candor. To have candor is to be unreserved and sincere.  Just simply be you.  The respect that is gained will be unrivaled if you can stay true to having candor.  Your teammates will rely and trust in you not because of what’s on your collar or sleeve.  You will, however, gain their trust from being transparent and a bold leader.
  • Compassion.  Be compassionate towards all of your teammates“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Socrates … That quote is one of the greatest of all time.  If we can all live by those words, our force will thrust into a rewarding and attentive environment.

Thank you Team Robins for letting my family and I be part of your outstanding organization.  We couldn’t be happier to be here. If you want to put your title in action, just give this simple exercise a try. Just take whatever duty title is in your signature block, and turn it into awesomeness.