Commentary: Integrity First

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

I’ve worked with the military for 17 years, so I’m very familiar with the Airman’s motto, “"Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do."

This weekend, I saw a kind stranger take that motto beyond the call of duty, showing that Airman’s core values are lived outside Robins’ gates.

Our family was on the way home from celebrating my son’s birthday at a local eatery when my husband began a fierce pat down of himself, obviously missing something important. It wasn’t long until he realized his wallet was gone.

As anyone would, his mind flashed thoughts of the possibilities of his cash and important cards landing in the wrong person’s hands and worry set in as he hurriedly made the short drive to the restaurant.

He had only been gone a few moments when our doorbell rang. A good Samaritan stood on our doorstep with the lost wallet in hand. Everything was as it was found.  I had hoped someone would find it and turn it in to the restaurant staff, but I was impressed that someone would hand-deliver the lost wallet to our home.

It’s comforting to know integrity first doesn’t just resound in our airmen, but it also is a trait embraced by others in our local community. The next time you are faced with a situation where integrity calls, answer with great character, and when you can, go beyond the call of duty.