Robins to celebrate Women's History Month

  • Published
  • By Lanorris Askew
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Robins will celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history during its annual Women's History Month Celebration in March.

The 2009 celebration, themed "Women taking the lead to save our planet," will officially kick off March 6 with a self-defense class at the Fitness Center Annex . It will include events throughout the month, culminating March 26 with a luncheon featuring a special guest speaker yet to be announced.

"The overall purpose of the Robins Women's History Month celebration is to recognize the continuous achievements and contributions made by women," said Tracy Twedell, project officer for the observance. "It is also used as a vehicle to continue to educate and uplift our community, while fostering interaction of people of all races, ages and gender."

Ms. Twedell said she hopes each person who participates in the activities leaves with more knowledge of women's history and a more expansive vision of what women can do.

"This perspective can encourage girls and women to think larger and bolder and can give boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience," she said.

While Ms. Twedell said she is looking forward to all of the events, there is one that is unique to this year's celebration.

"The Hat Party we are hosting is something different," she said.

The committee has scheduled the youngest breast cancer survivor in Georgia to come and speak at the event. Participants will bring a hat or hats for admission and the hats will be donated to local cancer societies.

"One of the ladies on the committee, Angela Reaser, had one when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and it meant the world to her," Ms. Twedell said. "Hopefully we can make others smile as well."

Ms. Twedell said she hopes men and women alike will support the observance by attending the month's events.

"I would just like to encourage everyone to come out and participate in the upcoming events," she said. "We have a full month of events lined up and there's something for everyone."