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Contractor Badging Process


Trusted Agent (TA) Assignments

Contact your TASM for your unit or Squadron and have them appoint you as the
Trusted Agent (TA).  They will input your information into the Contractor Verification System (CVS).  List of TASM's assigned for all units on Base attached.  If you do not
see a TASM for your unit or Squadron please contact Major Devin Statham at 
(478) 327-7333 for assistance.

Primary WR-ALC (staff only) WR-ALC/CCX Gordon Garrett 222-0538
Alternate WR-ALC (staff only) WR-ALC/DSE Fultz Betty 222-0540 

Primary 78 ABW 78 CONS/PKP Shepherd Vicki 926-9506 
Alternate 78 ABW 78 CONS/PKB  Courtney Brown 222-4350
Primary 330 ASW 330 ASW/OMOS Tolbert Lamar 926-8224
Alternate 330 ASW 331 ASW/OMOS Castro  Lana 926-5857 

Primary 402 MXW 78 CONS/PKP Shepherd Vicki 926-9506
Primary 542 CSW 542 CSW/OMOS McGuire Margaret 926-5641 
Alternate 542 CSW 542 CSW/OMOS  Kick Patrick  327-3271 

Primary 19 ARG 19 OSS/OSL Charles Pierre 327-4125 
Alternate 19 ARG 19 ARG/FM Murdock Michael 327-4852 

Primary AFRC 951 RSPTS/CSS Walker Daria 497-1114 
Alternate AFRC 951 RSPTS/CSS Dickey Melissa 497-1117 

Primary DDWG DDWG Miles Tracey 222-1194 
Alternate DDWG DDWG Milbee Ralph 926-2065 

Primary 116 ACW 116 SFS Blanton Shannon 201-3303 
Alternate 116 ACW 116 SFS Brassfield Scot 201-3301

Trusted Agents (TA) Instructions

You can go into the CVS website and sign on with your CAC card
Click on Create Application, you will need their Full name, Social Security number,
Date of Birth and a email address (preferably a Supervisors email address) so they can receive their notices.
Type in person's information hit submit.
Copy and paste the User Id and Password provided by CVS  and email this information to the individual and advise them to complete the information in CVS.
When you get the email stating they have submitted their application, then go back into the website.
Click View Current and then review application, by clicking on maintenance, then click on approve and you may have to click on confirm or approve that you want them to have a new CAC.
Then advise them that they will need to wait until you check with MPF@ Civ 78 MSS/DPMPS to see if their information relayed into the DEER's system.
At this time if it has relayed then they can proceed to make their appointment with MPF through the CAC Web Scheduler.\ 


There are two types of  Badges required for Contractors.  The first Badge is a regular Badge that does not require access to a Government Computer.  The process is as follows:

1.  Have Supervisor contact the Contracting Officer over the Contract that you will be working under.

2.  The Contracting Officer will input your information into the MAX System, this is the system that Security Forces uses to issue Badges.

3.  When this process is complete, you will  then take 2 forms of identification(Drivers License, Social Security Card, State ID Card , Green Card) to the Pass and Registration office at the Visitor's gate.

If you need access to a Government Computer, the process is as follows:

1.  Have Supervisor contact the Contracting Officer over the Contract that you will be working under.
2.  Once you receive your user name and password for the CVS (Contractor Verification System) immediately go into the system using the web link listed below.  You only have five days once your information is input into the CVS system to complete your application. 
3.  When your application is complete you will await instructions from your Supervisor as to when you can access the CAC Web Scheduler to make your appointment.  
4.  When you arrive at the MPF for your appointment, please make sure that you have a completed DD Form 2842 along with two forms of Identification.

Click here for access to the CVS      

Click here for access to the Common Access Card Scheduler