Discovery Center

Discover is a career planning program that can be used with personnel who want to choose a career area, plan for further education, and plan for transitioning out of military service. It's a complete package, starting with self-assessment and ending with preparing for the job market. And it's flexible enough to allow just a quick look-up of information, use of just selected portions, or a more comprehensive guidance process implementation. Hours: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, Mon-Fri. Please bring your own disks to save your resume or Federal application **No Thumb Drives or External Hard Drives Allowed.** There are a number of online resources available to use for creating a resume to apply for a job.

Dear Airman and Family Readiness Center Discovery Center Customer:

"The Discovery Center is not a child-friendly room. If your visit is of a lengthy duration (more than 20 minutes), you are encouraged to find someone to mind your child or children while you use the Discovery Center. Realizing that this is not always possible, especially for spouses of deployed members, if you do bring your child or children into the Discovery Center, you must at all time have total physical control over his/her behavior. If the child wanders the room, plays with any equipment or supplies, or causes a disruption in general, you will be asked to leave. Additionally, food and drink are not allowed at the computer work stations. The Airman and Family Readiness Center has purchased expensive resources for your use, and the use of others. Please help us protect those resources, and respect the needs of each other for a good-quality, appropriate work place for using the computers and research resources. Your assistance, understanding and cooperation are much appreciated.

If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact the Director,  Mrs. Susan Anderson in person or by calling 478-926-1256. Thank you."

Susan Anderson
Flight Chief, Airman and Family Readiness Flight
Robins AFB GA