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Enterprise Acquisition Branch

Enterprise Acquisition Branch

Enterprise Acquisition Branch

31 May 2013: SbAST checklist updated to update office symbol and
to reflect current Time and Material (T&M) requirements for a Termination & Findings (D&F). Overview brief changed to reflect new EAB Chief.

17 May 2013: F2AST checklist updated to reflect current Time and Material (T&M) requirements for a Termination & Findings (D&F)

1 Apr 2013: F2AST-SbAST-DESPIII briefing updated

29 Mar 2013: F2AST checklist updated

28 Feb 2013: Microsoft Word documents converted to Adobe pdf files

7 Feb 2013: F2AST Users Guide updated

Please furnish any F2AST or SbAST feeback, questions or comments to the following email address:    wralc.pkf.fast.follo@robins.af.mil

The Enterprise Acquisition Branch (EAB) is responsible for the overall acquisition planning, development, issuance and management of various large multiple award, multiple user IDIQ contracts. In addition, EAB provides strategic and enterprise-wide sourcing for services at Robins AFB. EAB also provides the full range of integrated acquisition support, including acquisition program management, logistics management, engineering and contracting, to using organizations, supporting agencies, and wings on a range of programs and projects. 

F2AST -Future FAST 
Future Flexible Acquisition & Sustainment Tool (F2AST) requirements include development, modifications, and depot maintenance. F2AST may include one-time spares and repairs which qualify as critical, limited, and/or contingency and sole source services to a F2AST contractor or large business subcontractor. In addition, services that are not reasonably severable from the development, modification or depot maintenance efforts may be included. No requirement that has been previously performed by any small business or is suitable for a small business shall be issued under F2AST. 

F2AST, SbAST & DESP III Overview Presentation
F2AST User's Guide

          Performance Work Statement (found on QAPC website) 
          Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan
          Appx. E, SASS template (please contact EAB  for copy) 
              - email: wralc.pkf.fast.follo@robins.af.mil
              - Phone: EAB Req. team phone numbers at bottom of this fact sheet

          Appx. F, SAP template (Mar 2010)
F2AST Prime Contractor Email addresses
ARINC f2ast@arinc.com
BAE BAESystemsF2AST@baesystems.com
Boeing fwbf2ast@boeing.com
DRS F2ASTContract@drs.com
L3 Comm L-3.TCS.F2AST@L-3com.com
Lockheed-LMIS F2AST.FC-lmsm@lmco.com
MacAulay-Brown F2AST@macb.com
Northrop F2AST@ngc.com
Raytheon F2ASTPMO@raytheon.com
SAIC F2AST@saic.com
SRC FAST2@scires.com
SSAI F2AST@ssai.org

Email group for all primes: ALL F2AST PRIMES EMAIL

F2AST Forms
  - F2AST Checklist  <---To request automated F2AST checklist please email wralc.pkf.sbmodpgm@robins.af.mil 

    -Appendix B: Fair Opportunity Exception (FOE)
    -Non Personal Services Certification
DCMA F2AST checklist
please emailwralc.pkf.sbmodpgm@robins.af.mil to request automated version of DCMA checklist

Hill AFB F2AST files:

Please submit all F2AST questions/requests/comments to:  wralc.pkf.fast.follo@robins.af.mil

Small Business Acquisition and Sustainment Tool (SbAST) Program
This acquisition will be conducted as a total small business set-aside.  Per FAR 52.219-14(b)(1), the prime contractor will be required to perform at least 50% of the labor costs of the contract.  "Prime contractor" in this effort includes individual entities bidding as the prime contractor as well as joint ventures.  The requirements will include maintenance, repair, modifications, upgrades, and enhancements for reliability, serviceability, maintainability, and performance improvements for Air Force operated systems, sub-systems, or components managed at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

SbAST, F2AST and DESP III Overview Briefing

SbAST Users Guide
SbAST Appendix A
SbAST Appendix B (SbAST Checklist)
SbAST Appendix C (RFOP Cover letter)
SbAST Appendix D
SbAST Appendix E
SbAST Appendix F
SbAST Appendix G

DESP III (Design Engineering Support Program)
   - DESP III is managed at Hill AFB

DESP III Fact Sheet

SbAST, F2AST and DESP III Overview Briefing

Please submit all Small Business Modification questions/requests/comments to: wralc.pkf.sbmodpgm@robins.af.mil

Enterprise Acquisition Branch  Requirements Team phone numbers:
DSN 468-0161              (Commercial)  478-926-0161
DSN 472-3876              (Commercial)  478-222-3876
DSN 472-4884              (Commercial)  478-222-4884