Robins Air Force Base is home to 54 mission partners, covering five major commands and three wings, totaling over 22,000 Total Force Airmen all working together to support America’s defense. Robins Air Force base covers 6,935 acres and is Georgia’s largest single-site industrial complex. Major units include Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command, the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, 116th Air Control Wing, 461st Air Control Wing, 78th Air Base Wing, 5th Combat Communications Group and the 638th Supply Chain Management Group. There are also a number of Defense Logistics Agency and AF Life Cycle Management Center activities here, as well as a number of smaller units and organizations which are important to the base, Air Force and Department of Defense.

Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command
Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command manages the service’s nearly 75,000 Reserve forces, which are involved in every mission of the Active Component, from communications and services to space and flight testing and mobility operations. It also oversees two DoD missions which are unique to AFRC: The fixed-wing spray missions to kill mosquitoes in the aftermath of a natural disaster, and the Hurricane Hunters at Keesler AFB, MS. who track and monitor hurricanes for the National Weather Service.

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex
The WR-ALC performs depot-level maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of Air Force equipment and weapons systems, including the C-5 Galaxy, C-130 Hercules, F-15 Strike Eagle, several Special Operations Forces aircraft, and the Predator and Reaper. It also provides space for contract C-17 Globemaster III repairs.

116th and 461st Air Control Wings (Team JSTARS)
The 116th and 461st Air Control Wings -- Georgia Air National Guard and active duty wings, respectively –operate the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, the most advanced ground surveillance and battle management system in the world and the only capability of its type in DoD. Team JSTARS routinely supports combatant commanders in at least six different geographic areas of the world. More information can be found out about each wing at and

78th Air Base Wing
The 78th Air Base Wing is the host organization of Robins. It is responsible for every service associated with a large base, including force protection, emergency response and management, medical services, airfield operations, facility operations and maintenance, personnel management, communications, logistics readiness, morale and welfare, legal, environmental management, public affairs, and support functions.

5th Combat Communications Group
The 5th Combat Communications Group provides rapidly deployable communications capabilities in permissive and non-permissive contingency environments across the globe. They specialize in training, deploying, and delivering expeditionary packages of personnel and equipment to meet combat and humanitarian relief operation needs.

638th Supply Chain Management Group
The 638th Supply Chain Management Group provides life cycle sustainment support for aircraft structural, communications, armament and electronic commodities. It employs 700 specialists who manage a catalogue of more than 89,000 repairable and manufactured items.

DLA Activities at Robins
DLA activities at Robins include DLA Aviation, which provides logistical support to the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex; DLA Distribution, which oversees a major warehousing operation on base that serves both on-base and worldwide customers; DLA Disposition Services, which has regional responsibilities for demilitarization, hazard waste disposal, precious metal recovery and reuse or disposition of military items; and DLA Document Services, which provides reprographic, design and digitization services.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Divisions at Robins
The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Operating Locations at Robins provide cradle-to-grave oversight of a wide range of weapons systems, equipment, vehicles and capabilities. This includes C-5s, C-17s, C-130s, F-15s, SOF/Personnel Recovery aircraft; test equipment; and Avionics, Armaments, and C2ISR. LCMC responsibilities also include management of Air Superiority Missile Systems, Aircraft Gun Systems, Bomb Racks, SOF Guns, and Small Arms, as well as serving as single point of contact for a number of foreign countries on Tactical Missile technical issues.

Robins AFB – Economic Impact
Approximately $3.57 billion in annual economic impact. Includes $1.67 billion in civilian and military payroll; The base awarded $6.1 billion in contracts during fiscal 2022. In Georgia, the base awarded $660 million. Of that amount, Georgia firms in Houston and Bibb Counties accounted for 29.1 percent or $192.31 million.

Robins AFB – Key Facts
- Workforce: More than 22,000 civilians, military members and contractors.
- One of Georgia’s longest runways (12,001 ft. long/300 ft. wide); average 23,000 flight operations a year.
- 32 warehouses (2.9 million sq. ft.); 115 shops/hangars (4.3 million sq. ft.); 39 administrative facilities (1.9 million sq. ft.); 2 terminal (68.2 thousand sq. ft.); and 415 other facilities (5.1 million sq. ft.).