2018 Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child

2018 Robins Month of the Military Child


Sacrifice is a given when one joins the military.

For children of service members, however, theirs is a cost they didn’t sign up for, but many bravely endure.

Military children face unique challenges such as extended family separations, frequent moves and the stress of deployments. These are experiences other children don’t have to face.

April is the Month of the Military Child, a time the nation recognizes the personal sacrifices children of those in uniform make every day.

Linda Cleveland, School Age Program coordinator at Robins’ Youth Center, said the month is a time to celebrate and support military children.

“Children have to give up so much sometimes their little hearts are sometimes broken,” she said. “They get comfortable in one place then they have to leave their friends and their home. The month of April is the time for us to show them how really special they are.”

Cleveland said as a person who loves children, it gives her great joy to see the excitement on their faces during the month April.

April 13 is National Purple up Day. Wear purple to show your support for military kids.

Robins’ youth created their own list of fun ways to celebrate this year with the following activities:

Purple Bracelets, Purple Ice Cream, Purple Slim, Crazy Sock Day, and Purple Up Day.

For more information, check out the Edge, the Youth Center newsletter, and flyers base wide.