Second round for submitting VERA/VSIP applications begins on Jan. 9

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On Jan. 9, Civilian Personnel will begin accepting applications for the second round of VERA/VSIP, or Voluntary Early Retirement Authority / Voluntary Separation Incentive Program. The application window will run to Jan. 29, after which applications will not be accepted. Detailed instructions for submitting an application will be forthcoming in advance of the application period.

For employees who receive a VERA/VSIP offer, the retirement/separation date is set for April 30, although the date is still subject to change as directed by AFMC and/or Air Force.

The full target zone (pay plan, series, and grade) has not yet been established, so as was the case in round one, anyone who is interested in applying for round two may do so regardless of series/grade; however, submission of an application does not obligate the Air Force to offer any person a separation incentive.

WR-ALC/DP has retained the applications from all employees who submitted an application but did not receive an official offer in round one. Those employees do not need to submit a new application; they will automatically be considered in round two.  All other employees who wish to be considered should submit an application during the Jan. 9-29 application period.

Employees who received an official offer for VERA/VSIP in round one and elected to decline the offer MUST SUBMIT a new application if they wish to be considered again in round two.

Basic information on the VERA/VSIP program, eligibility criteria, and frequently asked questions can be found here.

Additional information relating to retirement may also be obtained from the Air Force Personnel Services website: keyword search "5828" for details on accessing the automated phone system, keyword search "4872" for instructions on using the Employee Benefits Information System, and keyword search "5092" for detailed information regarding obtaining retirement estimates.