Air University opens new Civilian Leadership Development School

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Lauren Silverthorne
  • Air University Public Affairs

The Civilian Leadership Development School officially activated as a named activity within the Ira C. Eaker Center for Leadership Development at Air University March 2, accelerating the focus on civilian-centric professional education across the Air Force. 

“Air University long has promoted civilian development, but our efforts have been spread across various institutes with other primary missions,” said Lt. Gen. James B. Hecker, Air University commander and president. “Our establishment of the Civilian Leadership Development School marks the Air Force’s full commitment to focus on civilian Airman.” 

The CLDS offers various levels of development courses, including foundational, basic, intermediate and advanced. This training can be used to support an employee’s Individual Development Plan. 

Unlike other Department of Defense civilian development opportunities, the CLDS is unique in that it provides Air Force-specific education. 

“We are the only school for civilians that offers a civilian undergraduate degree, an associate degree in leadership and management,” said Barry Waite, CLDS director. 

The designation of a separate school provides an enterprise-wide approach to civilian leadership development, and in turn, helps the Air Force meet federal guidelines in training, leadership development and succession management. This will help ensure federally mandated new employee, supervisory and managerial training requirements are met, and through the Civilian Associate Degree Program, develops civilian Airmen for future roles and professional military education opportunities. 

“At all levels of leadership, our civilian force is vital to getting the mission accomplished,” Hecker said. “CLDS elevates leadership and professional education on par with our officer and enlisted force.” 

For more information, visit the CLDS website here.