AFSC Manpower and Personnel CSFO Mentor and Job Shadow Programs

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The AFSC Manpower and Personnel Center Senior Functional Office (DP CSFO) is launching the second year of our Mentoring and Job Shadow programs. Our data call opens up 15-28 February, with a 1 April start date.

The primary purpose of these two programs are to provide experiential learning, professional advice, occupational interactions, and professional growth and collaboration.

Participants will be able to gain peer-to-peer, senior leader and/or reverse mentoring experience.

Programs: AFSC Manpower and Personnel Center Senior Functional Office (CSFO) Mentoring and Job Shadowing Programs

Program Details: Mentor Program is an in-depth 12 months – from 1 Apr 22 through 31 Mar 23. Job Shadow Program is a short-term quarterly program, and members can participate in one or multiple quarters.

Who Can Apply: Anyone assigned to the Manpower and Personnel CSFO. Members are assigned by performing 50% or more duties in HR and are coded to DP in DCPDS.

How to Apply: Accomplish application sent out from the CSFO Workforce Development Workflow. Applications information will be sent prior to the data call, scheduled 15-28 Feb 22.

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