Air Force Employee Assistance Program widens resource umbrella

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

The variety of resources available to Air Force EAP users will increase with the revamping of the program's coaching and financial services, which go live May 1.

The EAP is expanding the level of support to members by encompassing “positive” engagements like lifestyle coaching, where participants can establish goals and priorities to maximize personal stability. 

The refined program is also focusing on increased financial awareness, greater protection from identity theft and guidance on legal issues.

The new approach provides increased clarification of expectations and is remarketed to be positive and preventative, rather than only reactionary.

 “These areas of focus should not be viewed by potential users as things which are wrong or areas where a big problem exists with current practices, but rather opportunities to improve,” said Danna Plewe, Program Manager, Air Force EAP.

The revamping of EAP includes help for those who want to make a positive change in any of the following areas:

- Support services that address the challenges that impact financial and work life. These services are newly aligned under “Lifestyle Coaching,” which is a resilience framework for setting goals and determining priorities. The benefit includes up to six 45-minute sessions with a certified lifestyle coach over the course of a year to help the user to stay on course.

- The legal services guidance now includes a better understanding of expectations, to include possible courses of action when legal issues arise. Services start with a 60-minute free consultation on available options, with additional discounts available for select services. Document preparation is another new option, with an expanded website to include self-service forms and a legal library.

- Identity theft is now a separate service outside of the general financial services. One 60-minute free consultation per incident, with guidance and options for additional services on a self-pay basis, is now included. 

- A comprehensive approach to financial wellness includes up to three 30-minute consultations per topic per year at no cost to the member in order to develop actions, plans and budgets. The option for additional support is also available on a fee basis. 

Magellan Healthcare is the service provider. For the counseling, clients will be matched with a virtual web-conference service or a local in-person provider they can consult in the community. Other services are self-serve and provided directly through the vendor.

“This more-robust EAP support capability is for anyone who qualified for EAP in the past--any Air Force civilian or family member,” explained Plewe.  “Reserve and Guard civilians and their families are eligible for the benefit as well.  One quick call can get you on your way to better financial health.”

More information is available on the EAP website at or by calling 1-866-580-9078.