Congratulations Team Robins Major promotees

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A big Team Robins congratulations  is in order for the following people selected for promotion to the rank of major.

Kelly McNerney – 415th FTS

Lionel Beltran – 607th AOC

David Ackland - 17th STS

Steven Bogert – 338th CBTS

Catherine Buckner -552nd TS

Nina Yacovone – 414th CBTS

Kyle Spain 7th ASOS

MacMillan Achu – 12th ACCS

Earl Barth – 12th ACCS

Brandon Byerley – 12th ACCS

Alvin Digles III – 16th ACCS

Andrew Edwards – 16th ACCS

Richard Elmore III- 461st ACW

Tyler Harman -16th ACCS

Eric Haupt – 330th CTS

Joseph Hernandez -12th ACCS

Andrew Kearl -16th ACCS

Matthew Lamar 330th CTS

Matthew Mayer 330th CTS

Jonathan Muth 330th CTS

Gary Priest – 461st ACNS

Kelly Sharbel -16th ACCS

Brandon Snyder -330th CTS

Jared Swindle -16th ACCS

Mark Yurgil 12th ACCS

Vincent Adamo- AFLCMC

Justin Shetter - WRALC

Docleia Gibson -  AFELM MEPCOM/EAST  DO

Kyle Stramblad - AFPC

Alexandra Palmer -AFRC

Rahson Taylor -AFRC

Allen Batiste –AF IT