In and out at DLA Disposition Services

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services site at Warner Robins stays pretty busy all year long.

As the government purchases property, whether it's vehicles, furniture, computers or clothing, it becomes excess property at some point for the particular military service that used the assets.

When it's no longer needed, DLA Disposition Services comes in and disposes of these items, placing them on a worldwide inventory database, where Department of Defense agencies, and other federal or state entities can see if they're in need of them.

The entire disposition cycle is simple: property is turned in, undergoes a screening cycle, and is disposed of in several ways.

"It's a taxpayer cost savings," explained Danny Snow, DLA Disposition Services area manager. "Instead of buying new items, others are able to reutilize items at no cost to them. What is unique is that we get property from various military sources, everything imaginable."

DLA Disposition Services has locations in 41 states and 16 countries; the Robins site is included in a region that encompasses 23 states.

Robins' property turn-in averages about 140,000 line items each year. However, to further clarify that figure, a single line item can include hundreds or thousands of the same property, such as 500 computers for example, counted as a single item.

Although Robins is a regional hub for property turned in from such places as Fort Benning, Fort Stewart or the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, 60 percent of property turned in originates from Robins. Aircraft structural parts and electronics are top inventory items.

Once an item arrives, a 42-day screening cycle takes place, where priority is placed among DoD agencies who may have a need. It is stored in warehouses at Robins until moved by a customer.

"If there's a requisition from the DOD side, we pay transportation," continued Snow. "If it's federal, they arrange for their own transportation; if state, they pay for their own."

Its entire administrative offices in Bldg. 1602 are currently being renovated. The renovations include a new roof, flooring and furnishings. The roof should be completed within the next few weeks.

DLA Disposition Services plays an important role in the DoD supply system.

They are a vital link to the warfighters' supply and disposal needs. In fact, Disposition Services' employees serve side by side with warfighters in southwest Asia, added Snow. They help with needed assets and disposing of tons of military and common use property.