Campaign for positive, healthy thinking

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
The Integrated Delivery System would like Team Robins to do a little soul searching this season.

The "Hunt the Good Stuff" campaign which runs through September is encouraging everyone to take time to focus on the positive, to reap the benefits of a life filled with good thoughts.

The goal is to cultivate gratitude, to build optimism and positive thinking.

Hunting the good stuff is finding what you are thankful for each day. Like negative thinking, positive thinking has a cascading effect. The more you look at things positively, the more you see positive things in life. Positive thinking decreases our daily stress levels, and strengthens our relationships with others.

You may be asking yourself where to start? Take time today to think on what things you are thankful for and ways to improve your thinking.

Examples could be focusing on positive events that have happened, something you're good at, goals you've achieved or individuals who care for you.

While this type of thinking may not be easy for everyone, try to find the right fit for you. But make sure you do it on a regular basis, not just during times of stress.

Capt. Kimberly Lane, 78th Medical Group Mental Health Flight, offered several ways to accomplish this. First, focus on realistic goals and expectations. Not everything has to be perfect.

Second, avoid labeling yourself, situations and people.

Finally, set up those goals, both long and short-term, for things you can look forward to.

Take the time to appreciate all you've accomplished.

If you're still having a difficult time, the following IDS agencies can help: The Airman & Family Readiness Center, 468-1256 or 926-1256; the Chapel 468-2821 or 478-926-2821; the Civilian Employee Assistance Program, 497-7577 or 800-222-0364; Mental Health, 497-8398 or 478-327-8398; the Sexual Assault Response Program 468-2946 or 478-327-7272; and Military & Family Life Counselors, 478-230-2987. Additional resources include the National Suicide hotline, 800-273-TALK (8255), and inTransition, 800-424-7877.

"Hunt the Good Stuff" is based on one of many skill sets being taught in the new Comprehensive Airman Fitness program.

The goal is for every Team Robins member to see how important they are - to let them know, "You Matter."